The Index Results

The top ten states are largely unsurprising. Florida has worked hard to stay ahead of the pack, and they have succeeded. Other results leave room for debate, particularly because there is so much bunching up in the middle of the pack. Factors are also subject to constant change; even as we were finishing up the index, North Dakota passed a new anti-CRT gag law for teachers. So this index is a bit of a snapshot of one moment in time. That’s okay, right? Some of the results may be surprising because of the tendency to think that your own state is much worse than its score here because you experience its policies on a daily basis. But we will remind you that the PEHI is based on numbers, so it’s clearly accurate and scientific. We anticipate fine tuning things a bit more for the 2022 edition.

The Rankings

Rank) StateScore
1) Florida55
2) Arizona48
3) Louisiana43
3) North Carolina43
5) Arkansas39
5) Ohio39
5) Oklahoma39
8) Indiana38
9) Georgia35
9) Idaho35
11) South Carolina34
11) Wisconsin34
13) Mississippi33
14) Tennessee32
14) Texas32
16) Michigan30
16) Utah30
18) Colorado29
18) Iowa29
18) Missouri29
21) Alabama27
21) South Dakota27
23) Pennsylvania26
23) Virginia26
23) West Virginia26
26) Kansas25
26) Nevada25
26) New Hampshire25
29) Illinois23
29) Kentucky23
29) Maine23
32) Nebraska22
32) New Mexico22
34) California21
34) Minnesota21
36) Montana20
37) Delaware18
38) Connecticut17
38) Oregon17
38) Rhode Island17
38) Washington17
42) Wyoming16
43) North Dakota15
44) Maryland14
44) New York14
46) New Jersey12
47) Vermont10
48) Hawaii9
49) Alaska8
50) Massachusetts7

Ranking Details

Here’s the full spreadsheet with all the numbers, for folks who want to dig deeper. (You can also follow this link to the spreadsheet).